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What's so great about waxing? 

Waxing benefits include smooth skin, lessens ingrown hair, and brighter skin.

How often should you wax? 

Facial waxing should be performed every 2 weeks. Body waxing should performed every 4 weeks. Clients are highly encouraged to adhere to a consistent waxing schedule for optimal results. 

Is Wax Safe for everyone? 

Waxing is a safe form of hair removal for most individuals. All waxing clients must fill out the wax consult form to ensure it is safe for waxing. Service may be denied to protect the integrity of the skin.

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Skin Prep 101

How to Prepare for Wax? 

Exfoliate the skin 3x a week. It's strongly recommended to wax every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Recommended Exfoliation Product: Luv Scrub


Moisturize the skin daily using the none pore clogging products. 

Recommended Moisturizing Product: Deck Polish

Arrive to the wax appointment with clean skin. 

If pain tolerance is low, consider taking pain medication 45 minutes prior to appointment time. 

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