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General Policies

Intake Forms

Each client is required to fill out an intake form based upon the type of service received. Clients are required to submit the applicable intake form prior to any service. The information must be filled out accurately, with sound mind and free of any mind altering drug, legal or otherwise to the best of your knowledge. By accepting a service from Zen Skn, you agree to release liability of Zen Skn and it's Owner/agents of any damages or harm caused as a result of failure to disclose any condition that would otherwise be considered a contraindication to any services provided by Zen Skn or it's Owner/Agents. 

Providing false and/or inaccurate information will result in permanent termination from our practice.  Please also refer to cancellations due to non-disclosed medical conditions. 

Credit Card Authorizations

I authorize Zen Skn to process credit card payments from the credit card saved on file when booking. 

I understand that though this information is secured in an online protected client file, and is unlikely to be tampered with, I agree to assume the risk if the file and credit card information is compromised. 

I agree that if I have any concerns or questions regarding charges to my account, or if the charge fails to post to my account, I will contact Zen Skn  for assistance and/or disclosure. I agree that I will not dispute any charges with my credit card company unless I have already attempted to rectify the situation directly with Zen Skn and those attempts have failed. I understand that services are non-refundable. I understand that clients must have a current and active credit card on file at all times or risk any future appoints being cancelled without notice. I understand credit card payments will not be processed without due cause and this card will only be charged for missed, late, or no show appointment fees without my approval. 

By requesting and accepting an appointment, I give Zen Skn LLC permission to charge my credit card from the amount of services booked on or after this date. I understand and agree to these terms. I understand the conditions of this payment policy and agree to the conditions stated above.

Attempts to place temporary holds on the card on file to avoid any legitimate charges will result in permanent debarment from our practice. 


Recognizing that everyone's time is valuable and appointment times are limited, we ask that you provide a 48 hour notice if you are unable to show up to your appointment. A reminder of your appointment date and time are automatically sent exactly 48 hours prior to your appointment. Once you receive the notification and you know that you are unable to show up, please respond to the message once received to reschedule or cancel.  You may also cancel or reschedule your appointment using the Pocketsuite App. Deposits are non-refundable at any time. Deposits can be transferred one time if given a 48 hour  notice. 

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be required to pay 100% of the service fee. Deposits cannot be transferred or applied to another appointment if cancelled or rescheduled in less than 48 hours 

Zen Skn reserves the right to charge full price of the service booked for any appointment scheduled if there is no notice of the cancellation or less than 24 hour notice. If there is a history of no call no show appointments, Zen Skn reserves the right to refuse services in the future. 

Attempts to place temporary holds on the card on file to avoid any fees associated with late or cancellation fees will result in a permanent termination from our practice. 

A client with three cancellations in a row risks being terminated from our practice. 

Cancellation due to non-disclosed health conditions

Knowingly receiving any of the following procedures prior to your confirmed appointment will result in being charged the full amount of the service: botox, filler, sun burns, or any non-disclosed health conditions, intentional or not. This amount will not apply to a future appointment or products. The appointment will be cancelled and another appointment will need to scheduled. 

Late Fees

It is imperative to arrive to your appointment on time. If you are 15 or more minutes late to a confirmed appointment, there is an automatic $25 late fee that will be added to the service amount. If the appointment cannot be finished in its original timeframe, Zen Skn reserves the right to cancel the appointment. This policy is in place to be respectful of other client's and their schedule. 

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